Hotel Bambolo - Castagneto Carducci

Tuscany Hotel Pool Sauna

A dip in nature , between strokes of bright blue sky and a view of beech, maple, hornbeam , oaks, pines.

The hotel is 5 km from Bambolo Castagneto Carducci and just 2 km from the beach of Marina di Castagneto .
Complex ideal for a holiday that combines the sea , untouched nature to the most complete wellness thanks to esclusivaSAUNA , the pride of this hotel with the swimming pool and gym.

A unique stay unique and comfortable made ​​from refined , the attention to detail and quality of services. The atmosphere is cozy, familiar and at the same time refined and flawless. The rooms , suites , lounge with piano bar, everything is designed to allow for maximum comfort and pleasure.


If you are recovering from a stressful life or you are going to deal with periods of heavy duty , nothing more relaxing than a sauna. The toxins will disappear in an instant and you will immediately feel fit. Then hanging a bag of herbs, whose perfume the steam spread in the air, you feel like you are in another world. You will come out beautiful , fragrant , smooth , relaxed.
The warmth of the Tuscan hotel sauna can also be beneficial to those suffering from respiratory diseases (bronchitis, sinusitis and chronic rhinitis ) may promote a faster muscle recovery ( with facilitated relaxation and disposal of lactic acid) , a sedative effect on nerve endings and a better recovery of the peripheral circulation.