Hotel Bambolo - Castagneto Carducci


Free Bike

What does Free-Bike mean?

It means, biking together with Francesco Casagrande through landscape, art and history of the Etruscan coast, where you can go biking without problem all over the year between the coast and the hills. These tours are meeting all technical and environmental requirements.

What does this program contain?

It contains a one-week stay in our hotel with biking tours in the morning and in the afternoon you will learn more about biking. All tours provide a technical assistant during the excursions and moreover we organize also meetings with professionals and experts of the cycling sport, who will tell you about their experience.

It contains free and easy riding without suffering, but for well-being and relax, just to follow your instinct on roads, which seem to be made for the racing-bike. 


The area, in the heart of Tuscany, which is particularly famous for its fantastic wine known in the whole world and for its olive oil. It is possible to take part of guided tours and tastings in the wine-cellars.

You can also participate at excursions by squad (see photo) to discover the real and most pittoresque Tuscany.

The friends of the diving sport can find nearby diving centres which organize courses of all levels.

Furthermore you can take part of excursions to the isle of Elba, Florence, Rome and many other cities of interest.